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Quick Facts: EnergyStar & SR ratings

EnergyStar, a government agency, has developed a certification program for products meeting improved energy standards. An EnergyStar-certified roof can lower roof-surface temperature by up to 100 F, decreasing the amount of air conditioning (and energy) needed to keep a building comfortable.

The means of rating a roofing product's performance is by Initial Solar Reflectance, or SRI rating. Materials with higher SRI values absorb less of the sun's energy, and therefore stay cooler. The higher the SRI number, the cooler the roof.

In order to qualify for an EnergyStar rating, a low-slope roof (2:12 or less) must have an SRI rating of at least 78, while a steep-slope roof (greater than 2:12) must have an initial SRi rating of at least 29. To date, all of Metal Panels Inc. panel products qualify for the EnergyStar rating. The specific SRi ratings of our MPI StrongSeam Panels are listed below:

Polar White



Ash Gray

Burnished Slate


Hawaiian Blue

Rustic Red


SRI 77

SRI 84

SRI 53

SRI 52

SRI 35

SRI 27

SRI 31

SRI 35

SRI 29

Bone White

Light Stone

Desert Sand

Charcoal Gray


Hunter Green

Gallery Blue

Crimson Red


SRI 72

SRI 65

SRI 47

SRI 39

SRI 34

SRI 37

SRI 24

SRI 31

SRI 31

For more information on EnergyStar, Cool Roof and energy rebates, see our Library.

For an online PDF of our color chart, click here.

MPI is an EnergyStar certified partner