131 S. 147th East Ave. Tulsa, Oklahoma 74116
free: 866-MPI-PNLS | phone: 918-641-0641 | fax: 918-641-0640
8341 Ruby Ave., Kansas City, KS 66111 | phone: 913-766-7200 | fax: 913-766-7201
Serving Northern Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Southern Nebraska and Iowa

Metal Panels Inc.
Our Community

At Metal Panels Inc., we are committed to the community in which we live. We strive to give back to our communities with our resources and our time, not just on holidays but year-round. We believe it's the right thing to do.

MPI is an active member in our Chamber of Commerce and an active supporter of the "Let's Do Business" program, keeping our local economy healthy. It is our goal to support our community generously with our business, and our gifts of service.

Kansas City Chamber of Commerce

Metal Panels Inc.
Metal Panels, Metal Trim, Metal Roofing, Steel Building Supplies
Serving Oklahoma, Kansas and the surrounding states
In Oklahoma call (918) 641-0641. In Kansas call (913) 766-7200.