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Metal Panels Inc. and Our Environment

Metal Panels Inc. is committed to social responsibility and sustainability for our community and the long-term well-being of our planet. From our suppliers to our byproducts, MPI strives to minimize our impact on the environment, reduce energy usage and pursue new technologies that offer greater sustainability to our resources. MPI Clean Manufacturing

Environmentally-Friendly Materials As a primary product, metal outlasts many other roofing and building products and is one of the most recyclable and renewable materials available. Our metal coils may contain up to 40% reclaimed steel, and are 100% recyclable once their long lifespan has been reached. Metal Panels Inc. recycles 100% of our metal waste from the manufacturing process and has shifted much of our protective packaging to reusable, recyclable materials. Even our all-electric manufacturing facility creates no emissions to impact the environment.

  Our green approach extends to our product line, for many of our panel products which meet EnergyStar and LEED 2.2 requirements for slopes greater than 2.12. You can be assured that Metal Panels Inc. will continue to remain conscious of our impact on our communities and our environment into the future. 100% Materials Recycling

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