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Serving Northern Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Southern Nebraska and Iowa


Metal Panels Inc.
Visions, Values & Purposes

At Metal Panels Inc., our vision to develop our business begins with creating and offering desirable products and services that help our customers grow, while providing a level of customer service unparalleled in our industry. We will do this by employing customer-centered strategies, retaining the most qualified people and utilizing high-performance equipment to fulfill these needs on a daily basis. By delivering on these values, MPI will become a leading manufacturer in the metal building products industry.

The cornerstones of our business are integrity, responsibility, value and relationships.

  • It is through integrity that we deliver on our promises and create trust with our customers and vendors while earning our stance as a valued corporate citizen.
  • Our manufacturing processes and metal panel products are by nature environmentally-friendly and support our stance on ecological responsibility
  • Our commitment to value ensures a quality product, a fair price and an ongoing effort to bring desired products to market.
  • Above all, we prize lasting customer and vendor relationships as the foundation of our business.

MPI is committed to pursuing these values daily to benefit our customers and ensure our future.

We will manufacture and offer quality metal building and roofing products of great value to become the single source provider for our customers' metal needs. We will do this by providing responsive, personalized service, conduct operations in a safe and efficient manner, and maintain profitability through fair pricing on a wide range of products.


Mission Statement

We exceed customer expectations by offering quality manufactured metal products, delivered when you need them, at a fair price. We pledge to remain responsive to our customers and the marketplace, introducing new products, services and improvements that offer clear value to our customers. MPI values our customers and encourages long-term customer relationships by committing to give exceptional service at every opportunity to earn our customers' trust.


Metal Panels Inc.

Metal Panels, Metal Trim, Metal Roofing, Steel Building Supplies

Serving Oklahoma, Kansas and the surrounding states


Strategic Excellence Positions

Customized Offerings: Industry leader in the manufacturing of custom trim, while offering our DIY customers the widest selection of flat sheet stock within our operating region

Breadth of Product Line: By being a regional leader in panel profiles, we are able to offer large company product selection coupled with small company personal attention

Customer Service: From the placement of the initial order to final delivery of products, we achieve customer service excellence by striving to maintain personalized, innovative and cost-effective solutions

Quick Turnaround: Our ability to achieve quick turnaround on an array of orders minimizes project down time, allowing our customers to better serve the end user

From the Slab Up: We can provide you with everything you need for your metal construction projects

Growth: Develop into a multi-regional company to service a larger customer base

Production Environment: Our well-organized and energy-efficient production facility produces environmentally-friendly metal products. This dedication to organization minimizes safety issues, lowers costs, and enables us to maintain a competitive advantage.

Industry Experience: With over 125 years of varied metal construction industry experience, we are able to anticipate and fulfill our customers' needs