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Kynar 500® Metal Panel Color Chart*

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Metal Panel Colors

Colors are web-safe approximations for reference only.
See dealer finish samples for accurate color selections.


Metal_Panel_Shasta_White Champagne Metallic Antique Copper Met. Ash Gray
Shasta White SR .55 Champagne Met. SR .37 Antique Copper Met. SR .26 Ash Gray SR .39
Parchment Copper Metallic Zinc Metallic Zinc Gray
Parchment SR .46 Copper Met. SR .49 Zinc Met. SR .51 Zinc Gray SR .41
Almond Sierra Tan Charcoal Gray Matte Black
Almond SR .57 Sierra Tan SR .35 Charcoal Gray SR .28 Matte Black SR .25
Buckskin Medium Bronze Hemlock Green Teal Green
Buckskin SR .35 Medium Bronze SR .29 Hemlock Green SR .33 Teal Green SR .30
Aged Bronze Dark Bronze Forest Green Classic Green
Aged Bronze SR .29 Dark Bronze SR .27 Forest Green SR .28 Classic Green SR .26
Copper Brown Bristol Blue Royal Blue Hartford Green
Copper Brown SR .26 Bristol Blue SR .25 Royal Blue SR .23 Hartford Green SR .28
Terra Cotta Deep Red Colonial Red Burgundy
Terra Cotta SR .43 Deep Red SR .43 Colonial Red SR .33 Burgundy SR .27


All colors are paint-to-order. Custom colors available by special order.

Kynar 500 Color Chart

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*Kynar 500® PVDR resin-based coating or finish. Kynar 500® is a registered trademark belonging to Arkema Inc.

Metal Panel Kynar Colors