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Every home owner and every building contractor wants their roofing investment to have lasting value, and trouble-free service. When you choose metal roofing, you're selecting a quality, permanent roofing solution, clearly superior in durability, energy savings, weight, wind and fire resistance. With a wide range of panel profiles and colors, you will have a durable, energy-saving roof that is completely your own.

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Concealed Fastener Panels


A concealed fastener roof hides all panel fasteners with a crimped or snap-on concealor to provide a clean look and the ultimate in weather protection. Concealed fastener panels, also referred to as standing seam panels are the preferred choice for commercial roofing applications. Click here to see MPI's Concealed Fastener Panel options.

Through-Fastener Panels


Through-Fastener roofs are an ideal choice for residential or post-frame installations. These panels use exposed screws with weather-tight washers to create a reliable and economical roofing system. Click here to see MPI's Through-Fastener Panel options.